Wow! This book blew me away! The description is magnificent, the characters believable, and the action just doesn’t stop. Despite its length, I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the final page. Bravo for Zinovy’s Journey and bravo for Ginny Jaques. If this book is any indication of things to come, Jaques is about to explode into the literary world with cosmic effects.

- Tracy Krauss, best selling author and playwright


I didn’t enjoy this book because I like speculative Christian fiction. I don’t. I barely like Christian fiction. But I liked Zinovy’s Journey. The characters were endearing, the plot was intriguing and the setting, well it was so interesting I hardly noted the speculative aspect. . . I read this book in three days: a tribute to its energetic plot. If you enjoy a good read, Christian themes and exciting adventures buy this book!

-Lori Sataman, reader


Although I love all kinds of spec fiction, post-apocalyptic stories never ranked as one of my favorite sub-genres. However, when I read a prepublication manuscript of Zinovy’s Journey, it drew me in before I realized what I was reading.

Ginny Jaques weaves an absorbing tale of a journey occurring on multiple levels — a journey in an earth both familiar and strange, a journey in the mind and soul of a Russian cosmonaut/assassin. Ginny’s envisioning of the world after destruction and renewal is enthralling and creative as we discover along with the characters how different everything has become. But no less riveting is Zinovy’s transformation as his heart is reopened by all he experiences and by those on the journey with him.

Great read! Captivating!

-Glynda Francis, author of On Being a Rat and Other Observations


Zinovy’s Journey is an important novel of our times which examines the precarious environmental and spiritual nature of human existence and, yet offers hope and substance to a more meaningful life and future.

Ginny Jaques has a masterful ability of creating imagery and details of human behavior that connects viscerally with the reader, yet at the same time maintaining a fast pace of action and suspense in drawing the reader into wanting more. I did not want to delve too far into the novel because I was enjoying it so much I did not want it to come to an end. At the same time, it was so compelling, I could not put it down. Each page is riveting in its development of the plot, the characters and the conflict.

Ginny Jaques . . .brings forth a blend of masculine and feminine approaches to the descriptive action, the characters, the language, and the humor. . .She writes like a man in providing masculinity to the physical, sexual, logical, action and technical parts of the story; but, she is equally skilled in providing feminine insights to the philosophical, emotional, sensitive, ethical, and spiritual aspects of the story. This creates a wonderful juxtaposition that plays like a beautiful piece of music that layers in intensity, boldness, ethereal quality, emotionality and softness.

Ginny Jaques is a truly gifted writer – Zinovy’s Journey does not present as a first piece of work, but that of a seasoned writer of many novels.

-Rose Low, reader


Zinovy’s Journey offers a little bit of just about everything: action, intrigue, suspense, a spacewalk, relationships, revenge, philosophy, end times, a whole new world, and surprises at every turn. . . The characters came alive to me, especially Zinovy, Sara, and the boy Caleb. The day after finishing the story, I caught myself wondering what was happening in their world now. It was a bit disappointing to remember I couldn’t pick up the book and read more!
-Janet Sketchley, blogger and book reviewer