Plot and Conflict

Spoiler alert!
The content of this section of the website will be appreciated more by readers AFTER they have read the novel. This section contains background information, thought-provoking ideas and concepts, and an extended analysis of the story. Reading this information before reading the novel will take much of the fun out of the journey, but it will add value to your reading experience after you’re finished.

The plot of Zinovy’s Journey is inextricably tied to the conflicts in the story. The immediate conflict—their problem with their new environment—runs through the first part of the book. Zinovy’s inner conflict reaches its climax in the second part. And the central person vs person conflict, between Zinovy and Adam, thrashes its way through the last part.

That’s a simplistic summary. All three conflicts run side-by-side in a plotline that is designed to lead Zinovy to a final solution of the central conflict in the story—his struggle to submit to his Creator.

Many secondary conflicts crop up in the story as well. I’ve complied a list of fourteen. If you, dear Zinovy reader, can find any that aren’t on my list—ones that can be supported with evidence from the book—it might be worth a Starbucks card to you.

Three gift cards are available to three readers who discover a conflict in Zinovy’s Journey the author hasn’t noticed. Just submit your ideas and comments, and I’ll get back to you with results of the contest, including my list of fourteen.
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